Friday, 23 March 2012

No sew curtains

Fact : I don't sew.
I took sewing class in Grade 7, made a piggy pillow and that was the end of that.
 I don't own a sewing machine right now, but it is on my current wish want list. But until I make the decision to buy it, I make due without it.
This brings me to today's post - No Sew Curtains.
 Perfect for the "I don't own a sewing machine" type. 

Enjoy !

I've been looking for curtains for my entryway ever since we moved in. I knew I wanted the material to be light in colour as my entryway's colours are white, beige and blues. I looked everywhere for white curtains.

Two problems with this :  1) They were all pretty plain fabric and 2) they are so overpriced.
 I mean, how can I justify paying 45 dollars A PANEL for curtains, when I don't really even need/close/use them anyway ! Decoration. 45 dollars time 2. Nope, no thank you. 

So buying curtains were out of the question, making them was the next best idea, and I didn't let the "no sewing machine" fact stop me. So, I went to Walmart and purchased this...

Fabric glue tape. 
You know that stuff you can use as a quick fix to hem your pants ?
Yep - that wonderful stuff.

 Now, the only thing missing was the fabric.
Problem number 3 with this project. Every fabric I picked out was over priced. 
Ding.Ding. Ding.
(If you missed that, it was my idea light bulb going off)
A tablecloth. Yes. A 16 dollar Homesense tablecloth.
A perfectly crisp winter white tablecloth.
Isn't she pretty ?

This project is so simple. 
Like seriously, don't even blink because you'll miss the instructions on how to do it.

1) Cut your table cloth into two even pieces.
2) Add your fabric tape to each side of your materials and fold over.
PS- Try not to be "too" jealous of my duck ironing board cover. 
It needs a 5 years ago.

3) Apply heat over the fabric glue - hold for 5 seconds.

 4) Add the drapery clip rings 

You're done - Told you it was simple !

Thanks for stopping in !
Come back Sunday for a yummy diner idea.


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  1. Awesome! They look great! An I'm always a fan of a cheap project :)